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Marriage Unity On Purpose

Marriage Unity (u-ni-tee: oneness, harmony; a whole or totality as combining parts into one) is essential for healthy, happy marriages. 

Evidence of being unified in your marriage shows that you have a team mind-set and are on the same page, giving you the capability to flourish and stand strong.

When you are not in unity in your relationship, you’ll soon find things in disarray and beginning to unravel; which results from operating in singleness, selfishness and separation. A house divided against itself cannot stand. 

It takes deliberate efforts to obtain marital unity. In other words  your actions must be intentional and on purpose. Togetherness or oneness will not come into existence by chance. It involves spending time together 'on purpose,' being supportive 'on purpose'  and encouraging your spouse 'on purpose.'

Marriage unity is obtainable and is necessary for cohesiveness in marriage.    Peace, security and stability are manifested when couples are committed to succeeding in their marriages.


By: Brian & Felicia
Take Steps to Get Closer in Your Marriage!

STEP 1:  Release

STEP 2:  Recommit

STEP 3:  Reflect


Marriage G.L.U.E.

Don’t allow challenging times to divide you.  To get together, stick together and stay together, we recommend a most effective bonding agent called Marriage G.L.U.E., modeled by Christ Jesus himself.

When you Give Love Unselfishly Everyday to your mate, you are serving.  When you serve, you are contributing to your relationship and giving unselfishly like Christ. In giving, you are being a blessing and you will be blessed beyond measure. 

God has assured that no recession or economic situation can destroy the unity and blessings designed for your marriage.  You will reap a bountiful harvest of what you sow in pursuit of oneness.
Release the past by forgiving one another of past mistakes, failures and trespasses.  Please don’t forget that God has forgiven you (Eph 2:4-6) and wants to bring you to a place of health and healing in your relationship. Letting go is a necessary step in the restoration process.
Recommit to discovering your love again.  It’s important to start a new season by starting new habits.  Changing old patterns can greatly improve the joy and excitement of relational expectations.  Start to dream again.  Write down the goals you would like to accomplish together.
Reflect on the positive experiences of the past year.  Think about the quality choices that you made and the benefits that you reaped from those results.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help when necessary.  Getting the assistance of seasoned couples can make a real difference.